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Paris MicroGuard Cleaning Systemsm - uses microfiber technology to innovate patient room cleaning. Using specially designed microfiber mop pads and cleaning cloths, you can:

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber many times smaller in diameter than a human hair. It can be manufactured for specific product attributes or functions. Our exclusive Paris mops are manufactured to be tough and adsorbent; achieving a higher level of hygienic cleanliness using a lightweight scrubber mop head.

For more information on the Paris MicroGuard Cleaning process, visit our Innovative Resources page.

Paris Personally Yours Scrub Program - Helps You Achieve Your Best

The Paris Personally Yours scrub program provides an effective alternative to a bulk scrub program. Each employee receives their own sets of scrubs, sized and identified for individual use.

Paris launders and returns the same scrubs to each employee every week. Personally Yours scrubs give your employees constant, optimum fit and style, and the knowledge that each employee is the only one wearing their scrubs

Reduce bulk scrub loss and provide each member of your team with individual accountability for their scrubs. Your team will always look and achieve their best with Paris scrubs that are Personally Yours.

Additional healthcare linen services are available through Paris Healthcare Linen Services.


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