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In a news release dated April 6, 2015, HLAC board president Gregory Gicewicz announced that HLAC's standards document, "Accreditation Standards for Processing Reusable Textiles for Use in Healthcare Facilities -- 2016 Edition," has been recognized by AORN ( as meeting its stringent standards of excellence for safe patient care.

HLAC represents all parties interested in the safety of healthcare textiles.  It was formed with a mission to accredit laundries processing healthcare textiles based on the highest standards of patient safety and infection prevention.

All Paris Healthcare Linen Services processing plants are HLAC accredited.  Commenting on the importance of HLAC accreditation, Randy Rosetti, Vice President and COO of Paris Healthcare Linen Services, added, "The AORN Seal of Recognition is another evidence that HLAC accreditation provides the highest assurance of healthcare textile safety.  Every laundry that wants to serve the healthcare industry should have it.  HLAC accreditation represents a lot of pre-qualification work that groups of knowledgeable medical and ancillary service professionals have done on behalf of the textile users.  Why not take advantage of it?"

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