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A team of Paris employees worked diligently to put together thorough documentation on the plant procedures, provided linen samples for testing, and underwent a rigorous, on-site inspection.

To receive HLAC accreditation, the following standards must be met: 

  • Patient Safety
  • Quality Improvement
  • Credibility
  • Knowledge

DuBois Healthcare was also Hygienically Clean certified in 2017, which is voluntary and includes an intensive application and inspection process. To become Hygienically Clean certified, one has to meet standards in:

  • Microbial/bacteriological testing of reusable textiles
  • Documentation of best/safest laundry handling/processing procedures
  • Facility cleanliness as verified by on-site inspection

Paris currently stands as one of the few healthcare linen laundries that is both HLAC accredited and Hygienically Clean certified. These industry standards ensure that a plant is up-to-date on all current protocols and procedures. Conformance to both TRSA and sets rigorous performance requirements.

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