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Perhaps the first question to answer is, “what is microfiber?”  Fundamentally, a microfiber is a synthetic fiber manufactured to be approximately 1/16 the thickness of a human hair.  Microfiber material specifications and manufacturing processes can be adjusted to provide a product with a specific portfolio of benefits for specialized applications.  Here is what makes microfiber cloth ideal for hospital bed linens:

Durability: They can be washed hundreds of times and will maintain their shape, weight and color.  They are less susceptible to tearing and there is no linting when laundered or in use.

Appearance: They are wrinkle resistant and will maintain their whiteness.

Comfort: They are soft to the touch and can be specially surfaced to provide additional comfort, increased breathability, or improved moisture wicking for a cooler, drier feel.

Environmental Sustainability: They are laundered using less water, lower heat and milder chemicals than cotton or poly/cotton; consequently, they are easier on the environment and use less resources.

Overall Cost Per Use: First, assure that your linen management procedures are capable of keeping your linens in service longer.  Then, microfiber durability, coupled with its ability to maintain patient comfort and a fresh appearance, means your investment is spread over substantially more uses.  Your cost per use decreases.

Inherent Bacterial Control Properties: American Laundry News ( recently published a summary of study results concluding that microfiber products help prevent the spread of bacteria.  (Study sponsored by Enviro-Linen company, a provider of microfiber products;  After initial contact, bacteria remain on poly-cotton and cotton textiles much longer than on microfiber textiles.  Microfibers are non-organic and therefore provide no nourishment to sustain bacterial growth.  Also important are microfiber finish, weave and non-linting characteristics that prevent bacteria from being distributed elsewhere.


Microfiber sheets are available in the linen management programs offered by Paris Healthcare Linen Services.

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