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Under this title, McKnight’s Long Term Care (Haymarket Media, Inc.) ran an article in its online news section by Dave Stern, President and CEO of Paris Companies. Stern cites that nearly 90% of all linen used in U.S. hospitals does not stay in service for its full useful life. This represents a financial loss of approximately $840 million annually. Significant potential areas of loss are,

  • Disposing of linens inappropriately as trash or biohazard (red bag) waste
  • Patient and employee misappropriation
  • Patient transfers
  • Ambulance/ER losses

Additionally, over stocking of linens represents an unnecessary investment that reduces the efficiency of your linen program.

Paris Companies offers textiles and linen management services designed to identify and reduce linen loss. Paris sends in linen “detectives” to determine where losses and inefficiencies are occurring; then, it works with the healthcare provider to educate employees and to establish proven linen management controls. The company’s collaborative approach to curtailing linen waste is so effective that it guarantees to deliver healthcare linen programs for the overall lowest cost.


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