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Take Me Out to the Ol' Softball Game

It was a sun-drenched field that welcomed the teams and spectators for the 2015 Paris Companies softball game.  Just like in the "Bigs," the teams sized each other up as they went through their warm-up routines.  The young guys sprinted and practiced mighty swings.  The old timers flexed their real and artificial knees and played catch at short, safe distances. Finally, all was in readiness for the annual Uniform Services vs. Healthcare Linen Services grudge match.

Kelly Boyles captained the Uniform team, looking resplendent in their turquoise shirts.  


  Chuck Bly managed the Healthcare bad boys and girl garbed in menacing black. 


 A shake of the hands, and it was time to PLAY BALL!


Healthcare took the field first as the home team.  Dave Stern made a surprise trip to the plate in the first inning as a Uniform designated hitter.  His first-swing, pop foul was dropped (really!), but using his second chance to full advantage he scorched a ground ball past short, starting a lengthy rally that resulted in a seven-run first inning.

For the first two innings, the two teams went back and forth like heavyweights, slugging it out in the center of the ring.

But after just two frames, arm-weary, cramped and hungry, it was time for a pizza break.


The action seemed to slow somewhat after several Frank's and Firehouse pizzas were consumed.  At the end of the fourth inning, the contest was knotted at, Uniform - 11, Healthcare - 10.

But then . . . .

Perhaps Healtchare players had eaten too much pizza; or maybe it was bad pepperoni. Whatever the reason, Uniform took control in the late innings and cruised to a 21-12, seven inning victory. However, in the end, like true Paris Companies teammates, consolations and congratulations were offered and accepted.  The only cries heard were, "Is there any pizza left?"

Thanks to the company and the participants for a beautiful evening in the park.  See you next year!

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