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Hamilton District, Allentown, PA Uniform Rental Services


Paris Uniform Services strives to provide quality products and services to the Hamilton District of Allentown, PA through a series of company regulations, standards, and certifications.


Timely garment deliveries, lost and found services, customer tracking services, and more are available to businesses in this area.


Delivery services:

  • Daily

Customer tracking services:

  • RFID tracking tags

  • P-Link management

  • Lost and found

Other services:

  • Custom embroidered staff apparel

  • Safety apparel solutions

  • Textile services

  • Rental services

  • Buying services

  • Restroom services

  • Healthcare and linen services

Company standards:

  • HACCP certified

  • TRSA clean green certified

  • Available customer service

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff



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